Big company delivery, small company care & cost.

The aim of Comec M&E is to provide a cost-effective means of delivering quality commercial Building services projects without the burden of large overheads. This intimate approach enables long term partnerships with clients as well as repeatable collaboration with an effective tried and tested supply chain.

Comec’s close relationship with Formm Ltd allows us to approach projects as a Principal Contractor and carryout the “fabric” parts of a development. This allows us to manage all facets of the project directly. This allows for enhanced co-ordination, cohesion and clarity when defining & delivering a client’s vision.

Places & sectors the team has successfully completed projects in are;


– Education – Schools, Universities & Nurseries
– National Health Service – St James Hospital, BRI, Local Doctors surgeries
– Private Hospitals – project managing.
– Ministry of Justice – Crown & Magistrates Courts
– Local Council works – Plantroom refurbishments
– Her Majesty’s Prison Service,
– HMRC offices – plant replacement works and office refurbishments
– Business critical data centers- plant replacement and maintenance
– Train stations – the stations themselves and working trackside
– Waste for energy plants – Anaerobic digestion plants
– Restaurants – within the NHS, catering kitchens.
– Factory’s – large food processing plants
– Retail Centers Toilet blocks in the White Rose, retail shop units
– Offices – from Principal Contractor Head office fit outs to bespoke individual office refurbishments catering to very specific needs.

We believe you are only as good as your supply chain. The majority of Comec’s supply chain are contractors, businesses, groups and individuals who have worked successfully and collaboratively in the past with Comec or one of Comec’s team members. New supply chain members are asked to successfully pass a Comec vetting document.

Our business development model is a simple one; it’s based on repeat custom.
To achieve this we need to forge relationships by delivering the right project for the right price within the right timescales.

We do this in a few key ways;

– A thorough Pre-construction phase, this takes the clients project concept and with our specialist perspective allows the right project to be developed within achievable parameters.

– We develop a robust program of works which considers the time needed to carry-out the works but also the wider impact of the delivery phase. From this we can agree ways to mitigate or avoid the disruption completely.

– The Project delivery phase is nearly always time sensitive for varying reasons, so prior to starting the works we will have agreed an achievable project program with the client and our supply chain. Progress and commercial alterations need to be documented in real time. This allows all parties the chance to seize opportunities or mitigate problems.

– Upon completion the project will Hand-over to the client, to achieve this we will carryout thorough commissioning, offer the services/systems for rigorous testing and offer a full client demonstration on the functionality, userbility and future maintenance of the services/systems. A standard 12-month warranty (subject to terms & condition) is applicable to all projects.

– We can offer Maintenance packages on all services/systems worked upon.

Case studies

St James Hospital Gledhow Wing Pump replacement works.

– A 150mm pump flex tore causing the heating system serving the main building (9 floors) to be drained down (10 operations cancelled). The failure drew attention to the pump isolation valves no longer working. The pumps themselves are obsolete too.– The overall scheme is to replace the pumps, Valves and associated pipe work. This...

St James House new extraction system

– St James House is a live office 11 storey block in Sheffield city centre which did not have any form of extraction within the toilet areas on each floor– We installed a new ducted system down an existing riser and ran branches out to each toilet area.– The size of ducting was slightly restricted […]

Castle House Boiler replacement Works

– The building is a live Tax office and 15 floors tall, the project was done in the summer so we could fully isolate the Heating system without impacting on the staff members.– The works were agreed to be done within normal working hours as long as the existing boilers were removed and the new […]