St James Hospital Gledhow Wing Pump replacement works.

– A 150mm pump flex tore causing the heating system serving the main building (9 floors) to be drained down (10 operations cancelled). The failure drew attention to the pump isolation valves no longer working. The pumps themselves are obsolete too.– The overall scheme is to replace the pumps, Valves and associated pipe work. This...

St James House new extraction system

– St James House is a live office 11 storey block in Sheffield city centre which did not have any form of extraction within the toilet areas on each floor– We installed a new ducted system down an existing riser and ran branches out to each toilet area.– The size of ducting was slightly restricted […]

Castle House Boiler replacement Works

– The building is a live Tax office and 15 floors tall, the project was done in the summer so we could fully isolate the Heating system without impacting on the staff members.– The works were agreed to be done within normal working hours as long as the existing boilers were removed and the new […]