Commercial Plantroom Replacement.

We replace the boilers with new while keeping the building functioning. We do this by utilizing our Pre-Fabrication workshop to minimize Heating down time. We achieve this by either staging the boiler replacement; if there are more than one boiler or by installing and setting to work a temporary boiler solution.

Note the Mechanical plantrooms could be Hot water Generation, Chilled water generation complete with chiller plant or the installation of Plate Heat Exchangers on a district heating system.

We utilize our trusted supply chain to deliver;
– Fluing solutions
– Scaffolding where needed
– Water treatment
– Commissioning
– Temporary boiler supply, set to work, the ongoing refueling and reactive call outs to keep the temp boiler functional.
– Thermal Insulation

Mechanical pipe work, manufacture installation, alteration and repair.

Basically we can supply, install or repair anything that goes through a pipe. We work on Heating systems, Chilled water systems, Steam & Condensate, Potable and non-potable water systems, Domestic hot water generation & distribution systems, above ground drainage systems and external MDPE bring Mains cold water and Gas into buildings.


We carryout works to VRF, VRV & Split system utilizing a range of suppliers to suit the clients requirements. The VRF/VRV systems can be fitted into large areas and the controls strategy can be developed to local control, control by a central controller or a mixture of both.

Often we can offer extended warranties up to 7 years on AC plant and systems, this is subject to T&C’s

Ventilation works

This encompasses the development and supply of appropriate Air Handling Units. The installation and connection to the AHU.

The design of the ventilation systems to ensure compliance with British & trade Standards along with local guidelines.

Ductwork delivering Fresh air, tempered supply air, return air for “heat-reclaim”, exhaust air, extraction from toilets & kitchens and fire rated ductwork where required.

Grilles are fitted in many different forms; this is determined by the air volume needed and the aesthetic proposed by the architect or the client.

The ventilation systems or modifications need to be balanced, this balancing is carried out by a specialist, the results of which are offered for approval and for future reference within the Operation & Maintenance Manual.

Building Management System

We can offer various options for installation and maintenance works on different types of “BMS” via our trusted supply chain.

Often our installation works call for the mechanical plant and systems to be “bundled up” within a single “BMS” allowing a client to access all plant in one place.

Comec manages this collaboration and ensures collective control without sacrificing individual system functionality or efficiency.

We often offer seasonal commissioning on our installations; this allows our clients to be confident that they have an efficient system regardless of what season it was initially commissioned in.

Our maintenance packages are tailor made to each clients’ plant and requirements.

Pre-Fabrication works

Our Bradford workshop is set up to deliver made to measure pipe work, this pipe work can be 304/316 stainless, traditional carbon steel or copper.

We have the capability to TIG, ARC & Gas weld, manufacture “screwed” pipe work, braise, crimp & solder copper pipe and we can look into delivering other forms of jointing techniques as required.

We have an independent Non-Destructive weld testing company we use to verify our welding standard

We have the capability to build package plantrooms and skidded mechanical plant, these can be pre-commissioned and supplied to a third party for onsite installation by others or Comec can attends site, carryout the installation and complete the full commissioning works.

Building services packages

Our aim is to provide clients with a hassle free project, we self-deliver where we can but we also use our tried and tested supply chain when necessary. Our supply chain includes, water treatment specialists, Air & Hydraulic commissioning specialist, Thermal insulation engineers, lift and shift plant movement specialists, cranage companies, transportation specialists, scaffolding specialists, flue design and installation specialists, external services suppliers and installers, temporary boiler & chillers suppliers,