– A 150mm pump flex tore causing the heating system serving the main building (9 floors) to be drained down (10 operations cancelled). The failure drew attention to the pump isolation valves no longer working. The pumps themselves are obsolete too.
– The overall scheme is to replace the pumps, Valves and associated pipe work. This is to be done by line stopping the 200mm pipe work long enough for 2no Table E flanges to be split, the asbestos team will remove the gasket and offending Asbestos debris, then new fabricated pipe work will be bolted to the existing table E flanges along with the new Hattersley valves and the new pumps.
– The Hospital have asked that we get everything onsite in preparation for the shutdown (or in case there is another catastrophic failing where there is an impromptu draining of the system which allows for the new pipe work/pumps to be fitted without line-stopping)
– We have manufactured the pipe work to allow for the replacement pumps and valves to be fitted.
– Upon completion it was all bolted together in our Unit 9, tested to 6 bar and then painted with Red Oxide.
– Data sheets for all isolation valves, check valves and the pumps were sent to the Hospital team for approval
– We engaged a specialist line stopping company to put a plan together, the plan consisted of a live line stopping process. Note the line size is 200mm, the working temperature is 87deg and the pressure is circa 5bar.
– They would weld a component onto the side of the pipe work to be “line-stopped”, the pipe work is then drilled through the component. The rig is then attached complete with the line stopping appendage which is placed into the live pipe work.
– As of February 2020 the changeover part of the project was postponed, the Covid 19 outbreak caused the Hospital to reevaluate the risk to shutting down the heating system within the Gledhow Wing.
– From this we proposed to carryout as much of the enabling works as possible. Please see picture below;